Our design and production system is environmentally conscious and compliant with international standards.

Our products have been certified through inspections by various domestic and international testing agencies to ensure that customers can use them with confidence.

Certified items

FDA certification: Proof of products meeting safety standards in both the United States and Japan, as recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

CE Certification Declaration:Proof of compliance with export standards for EU member states.

PET Bottle Recycling Recommended Mark: Proof of being a product made from recycled PET bottles as raw materials.

Quality Inspection for Various Materials: We have passed material-specific quality inspections in various domestic and international facilities.

Various Product Quality Tests: We have successfully passed various testing criteria tests by Japan Spectacles and Popular Optics Inspection Institute.

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Pinto POP Size B6

グラシックジュニア A4パンフレット