Full-custom orders

We can create custom designs and concepts exclusively for you. We make your own mold, so the total cost is high, and the lead time is long. You can make completely original products.

※Lead time in each process may change according to specification change or modification.


We propose designs, specifications, lead times, costs, lots, and other related details based on your product requirements.


We convert the design sketches from you or us into 3D computer generated drawings(3DCG).Then, you review them for confirmation or modifications.

Confirmation of 3D mockup

Lead time:1 week

We create a mockup sample by 3D printer based on your confirmed 3DCG drawing. You can review it and provide final confirmation for the shape and structure.

Production of mold

Lead time:2〜3 months

We start production of mold for injection.You can’t change or modify the
shape of the frame once we start mold production.

Confirmation of final specifications

Color specifications, eyeglasses case, and cleaning cloths are finalized during the mold production process.

Confirmation of mold finishing sample

We verify that the completed mold matches the mockup sample and meets the specifications.

Mold finishing

Lead time:2 weeks

We make minor adjustments to the mold and polish its surface to achieve a mirror effect. This results in a more beautiful final product.

Mass production

Lead time:2 and a half months

We start production by injection molding.Then, we perform surface treatment such as painting and printing.


Lead time:1〜2 weeks

We assemble the finished components and perform shape adjustments.Quality inspections before shipment are done one by one carefully by human eyes.


After quality inspection, we pack the products and proceed with shipping.

※For inquiries about OEM, please feel free to contact us.